Brazilian Wax FAQ


General Waxing Questions

Q: What kind of wax do you use?

A: I use Berodin hard wax. It is formulated for sensitive skin, all types of hair and all body parts. It is the most painless wax I’ve found on the market.


Q: How long does waxing last?

A: Your wax appointments should be scheduled every 4 weeks for best results. Your skin will be silky smooth for the first 2 weeks after your appointment, it will begin growing small, soft hairs on week 3, and by week 4 your hair will be long enough to wax out again.


Q: Why is hard wax better?

A: Hard wax, when used correctly by a licensed waxer, causes the least amount of pain for the client. I stress “used correctly” because all over social media you can find hard wax brands advertising to people who want to wax at home and avoid going to a specialist. You wouldn’t fill your own cavities, would you? Hard wax is used at a lower temperature than traditional “hot” strip wax, so when used properly there is no possible way for it to burn a client’s skin, even in the most sensitive areas. It is stretchy, so during removal it bends and moves with the skin to avoid unnecessary pulling and tugging during the wax treatment. It dries quickly and is removed by itself without the help of papers or muslin. It stays where it is placed, so no precious eyebrow hairs are accidentally removed by drippy wax.


Q: What is the benefit of waxing?

A: Waxing has a few key benefits. First, it removes the hair cleanly from the root. This ensures the skin is smooth for the longest possible time. Second, the hard wax removes any dry, dead skin while removing hair to leave behind only smooth, silky skin. Third, waxing thins and softens the hair, so even the clients with thick, dense, coarse hair notice a HUGE difference in the way their hair grows in.


Q: Why is waxing my brows better than tweezing them?

A: While tweezing also removes the hair from the root when done properly, tweezing hairs is a sure-fire way to cause breakage and ruin a shape carefully made for you by your brow artist. Also, waxing ensures that all the rogue brow hairs are removed at the same time. Think about it: if every hair takes 3-4 weeks to grow back in, and you tweeze hairs on different days, you are constantly going to see new growth! If you wax it all out on the same day, it starts to grow back in on the same day. Once it’s all in- get it waxed and start over! If you must tweeze in between appointments- leave your shape alone and remove only the darkest hairs far away from the body of the brow.


Brazilian Wax Questions

Q: What hair is included in the Brazilian appointment?

A: The Brazilian wax appointment includes any or all hair of the top of the bikini area, the labia, and the butt crack. Some clients choose to leave behind some hair at the top and wax the rest of it away. This is still a Brazilian wax following the service list I created. I will also remove the hair in a line from the belly button to bikini area.


Q: What should I wear to my Brazilian appointment?

A: Anything you want! Some clients prefer to wear comfortable pants or shorts, and others choose to wear a dress or skirt the day of their appointment so there is less clothing to remove and they can be in and out of the wax room sooner. My only recommendation is not to wear your tightest panties to your appointment to decrease the chance of your skin being irritated after waxing.


Q: What do I keep on during my wax?

A: I ask that you remove all clothing from the waist down. You can leave your socks on! Panties must be removed for all bikini services except the bikini line wax, although it is easier to get clean lines and an even shape if they are removed for the BLine wax also. I don’t offer any sort of disposable panties or cover your bikini area in any way, which can be a little shocking at your first appointment, but it allows me to have access to the whole area at all times and complete your service as fast as I can. You get over the nudity very quickly, I promise!


Q: I’m nervous for my first wax. Can I bring someone with me for moral support?

A: Absolutely! I allow my clients to bring a friend or family member in the room with them. Keep in mind- there is no hiding your private area from another person in the room. The wax room is small and the table is right in the center of the room. Bring someone along that you are comfortable with. If they are the client of mine that referred you to me, even better!


Q: How many Brazilians have you done?

A: Hundreds, possibly thousands. Vaginas are all the same! I don’t remember what yours looks like, I couldn’t play match a vagina with a face, and I definitely don’t inspect it. My job is to remove the hair, make you feel like a new woman, and send you on your way!


Q: Can I get waxed while pregnant?

A: Yes! Expect a little more sensitivity, but it is a much better alternative to shaving while pregnant!

Q: Can I get waxed while I have my period?

A: Yes! All I ask is that you wear a tampon. Many clients line their wax appointments up with the last couple days of their period so they are waxed for the last portion of their cycle.


Q: Do you offer male Brazilian waxing?

A: No, not at this time. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Q: How do you do this for a living?!!

A: I truly love it! I provide a service for women that empowers them, makes them feel great about themselves, and allows them to take control of their bodies. As far as looking at vaginas all day? It’s just skin and hair to me. I have clients who were already friends, old classmates, old teachers, family members and coworkers. Performing a Brazilian wax is no different than shaping eyebrows, applying lash extensions, or a full face of glam makeup! It’s not for everyone, but someone has to do it!