Brow Shaping

How do I find the perfect shape for your brows?


Ah… we’ve all been there. Those old pictures with teeny tiny over tweezed brows. I have them, you have them, everyone has them. It’s my job to make sure that when you look back at recent pictures, you love your brows!

Finding the right shape for someone’s brows is actually pretty simple. There are three spots to prioritize: the start of the brow, the arch of the brow, and the end of the brow. Using a wax stick, I can measure where each of these spots should be to best compliment your face.

The start: should be on a straight line up from your nostril to your brow

The arch: should be at its highest point on a diagonal line from the nostril, through the iris, to the arch

The end: should be on a diagonal line from the nostril, to the outer corner of the eye, to the end


If those three spots are measured before the shaping, the results will be beautiful.