Lash Extension Tips

Whether you’re considering having eyelash extensions for the first time, or are interested in some tips and tricks to make your lashes look better between fills- keep reading!

Before you get lashes:

  1. RESEARCH! There are probably hundreds of “lash artists” near you. Picking the right one is important. Check out your potential lash artist’s social media and website for photos of her (or his) work and information about booking appointments.
      • Healthy natural lashes
      • No clumps of glue or lashes stuck together
      • A smooth transition from inner to outer corners
      • Lash shape that fits the client’s eye
      • Extensions applied from inner to outer corner
  2. ALLOW TIME! Your first appointment will take anywhere from 1.5-3 hours, depending on your artist’s speed, how many natural lashes you have, and the style of lashes you’re requesting. Don’t make your appointment for a day that you have a long list of errands to run!
  3. CONSIDER PRICING! Lash extensions, especially good ones, are expensive. Don’t simply choose to go to the “cheapest” artist to try to save a few dollars. Talent, skill and experience costs more but means you will get a better result while keeping your natural lashes healthy. A classic full set in most areas should run $150-$200 and fills between $50-$70.

On the day of your appointment:

  1. BRING A PICTURE OR BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU WANT YOUR LASHES TO LOOK LIKE! There are tons of different lash options! They are not one size fits all. There are different lengths, thicknesses, curls, colors and materials. Have an idea of what you want your lashes to be even if it’s something like “I just want them to look like I’m wearing mascara” or “I want a glam cat eye”. Even better? Find a photo of extensions you love and show your lash artist. Extra points if it’s a picture of your artist’s previous work! It should be very easy for he or she to look at the photo and recreate the style.
  2. GO BAREFACED! I cannot stress this enough. This goes for fill appointments too! The less oily makeup on your face the better. All makeup around the eye area will be cleansed away anyways and our hand has to rest on your forehead. Any sticky tape or gel patches used by your artist will not stick onto makeup and everything needs to adhere perfectly for the best application of extensions! Also, make sure there is no leftover eyeliner or mascara anywhere on the lashes or lash line. Although your lash artist will cleanse your lashes before beginning your full set or fill, there’s no guarantee he or she will be able to remove every tiny bit. Lash adhesive will not stick to makeup and leftover makeup will greatly reduce your lash retention.
  3. THINK ABOUT YOUR HAIR! Don’t wear your hair in a bun or ponytail on the back of your head. You’ll be laying on that for a long time. Leave your hair down or in a low pony for the most comfortable hairstyle.

Once your lashes are on:

  1. ABIDE BY YOUR ARTIST’S AFTERCARE GUIDELINES! This is SO important. Your lashes should stay dry for 24-48 hours after application, and oil should NEVER come near them. Although staying away from mascara all together is ideal, waterproof mascara is a huge no-no!
  2. BRUSH YOUR LASHES! Your hair doesn’t look it’s best first thing in the morning, and neither will your lash extensions. Make sure you’re giving them a good brush every morning, every night and any time during the day that you feel they need a good separating. And no need to worry- its normal to lose 1-5 eyelashes a day without even realizing.
  3. KEEP THEM CLEAN! This means little (but preferably no) mascara, and make sure all other eye and face makeup is removed before bed. Wash your lashes with baby shampoo or specially formulated lash extension shampoo daily. Micellar water is great to take on a Q-tip after shampooing to make sure the lash line is clean. Lash hygiene can not be stressed enough. If the lashes are kept clean, retention will be much better.
  4. ENJOY THEM! Your extensions are an investment of your time and money. They are meant to be enjoyed! Take lots of selfies!