So you want to get your first Brazilian…



The Brazilian wax.

The most taboo, dreaded, hush-hush service offered at the spa. It’s also the most worthwhile service I offer. But why?

Since 2013, I’ve talked to hundreds of women about getting Brazilian waxes. After answering all of their questions, most of them admit that their fear of their first wax came from an unreliable, overdramatic friend or internet source. Articles have been posted on countless websites claiming to be “unsponsored” and “unbiased” both for and against Brazilian waxing. Authors of these articles are rarely experts!

My goal is to shed some light on what it’s really like to get a Brazilian, drop nothing but truth bombs, and *poof* push away the taboo for good.

The four things potential wax clients ask about most: the pain, the nudity, the aftercare, and the maintenance.



I *promise* you have felt worse. Maybe even voluntarily. Probably even just today. Ever stub your toe? Get your ears pierced? Get tattooed? Break a nail right down to your skin? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’ve felt worse pain than a Brazilian wax!

I won’t sugarcoat it- the first Brazilian you get hurts the most. Your individual hairs are coarse, deeply rooted, and the entire bikini area is densely covered with hair. It would make perfect sense for your first wax to be the most uncomfortable. Don’t quit after the first one! After your first wax the pain level diminishes SIGNIFICANTLY. If you’re someone who has had your first wax and consecutive waxes with me, you remember me telling you that you will literally laugh during your second wax at how little pain you are in compared to the first time. It only gets better from there!


If you’re like most women, two people see you naked from the waist down on a regular basis: your doctor and your significant other. It can be weird to walk into the wax room, strip down and bare it all to a total stranger. I get it! I felt the exact same way until I started performing bikini waxes. Even though it may seem strange, think about how you would react if you saw a friend or even a stranger naked- you probably wouldn’t think too much of it. Every woman has the same parts, the same insecurities and the same deeply ingrained need for privacy.

Once you’re undressed and positioned for your wax, you only have one more job: RELAX! The entire appointment takes 15 minutes or less. After the first 10 seconds or so, the weird feeling of being naked completely goes away. I try my absolute best to keep conversation flowing even if you can’t focus on what we’re talking about, and it’s my goal at every appointment to make you laugh so you don’t think about what’s going on below the waist.


This part is so easy. You don’t want to scrub or tan the freshly waxed area for 48 hours, but other than that the aftercare is up to you. I recommend exfoliating gently three times a week in the shower with a mixture of coconut oil with salt and/or sugar. If you have essential oils- tea tree is a great addition to your homemade scrub to help combat ingrown hairs.

Immediately after their first appointment, most women ask about the same few things: tanning, showering, working out, and sex. The only thing you really need to steer clear of after your wax is tanning the freshly exposed skin. You WILL burn. Bad. Other than tanning, the other three activities are up to you and how you feel post-wax. The way your skin feels after your wax totally depends on each individual person. Close to all women feel as if nothing even happened once they hop down off the table and get dressed. Few feel a mild discomfort, but none have ever told me they were in actual pain. If you choose to go immediately from the spa to the gym, make sure to shower and cleanse the area with a mild cleanser after the gym so the sweat from your workout doesn’t sit on your skin and cause potential ingrown hairs or irritation.

If you are someone who is naturally prone to ingrown hairs, you will probably see some even when you switch from shaving to waxing. It is nearly impossible to 100% prevent them. In my opinion, the most beneficial thing you can do for your skin in preventing ingrowns is exfoliation. Sure, there are products on the market that can help, but many women benefit from the least radical treatment.


Your waxing schedule should be anywhere from every three to six weeks for the cleanest and most painless Brazilian. Going longer than six weeks usually results in a more painful wax experience, and around eight weeks your wax will feel just about the same as your first one. The goal is to keep your hair thin and sparse so you don’t dread your waxing appointment!

That’s not so bad, right? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions under “BRAZIBABBLE” in the menu bar!

Most important thing to take away? Don’t be afraid!

Lastly? Yes, it looks normal.